International Events in the City of Kazan

Tatarstan has developed its own model of multi-ethnic, polyconfessional society, natural for a multi-ethnic state. All forms of extremism have been practically removed from the everyday life of citizens; and the inter-ethnic and inter-confessional peace and accord are secured. This experience attracts experts and politicians from around the world:

In April 2008 Kazan hosted meeting of the Committee on Culture and Education of the CLRACE and International Seminar on “Universities, cultural development and regional identity” (downloads)

In February 2006 Kazan became a place of International Seminar on “Dialogue, Tolerance and Education: Joint Forces of the Council of Europe and Religious Communities” initiated by the Human Rights Commissioner of the Council of Europe Alvaro Gil-Robles.

July 2003 was the time to hold International Conference on “Constitutional status of regions of Russian Federation and other European countries a role of a regional legislative bodies in strengthening “unity in diversity” (downloads).

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