Мухаметшин Фарид Хайруллович Председатель Государственного Совета
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Карта Татарстана

Dear friends!

I’m glad to welcome you on my personal Web-site. It is the Parliament that acts as a mouthpiece of interests for various groups and strata of civil society, molding these interests into political will, and declares the people to be the sovereign. Parliamentary system is a universal phenomenon that has different features in different countries, and one of the most effective instruments of governance.

I hope here you will find information about the State Council (Parliament) of the Republic of Tatarstan and me, its Chairman.

Sincerely, Farid Mukhametshin


Public Figure

Public Figure
Assembly of Tatarstan Nations
Tatarstan – New Century
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Tatarstan – New Century

The public and political organization “Tatarstan – New Century” was established on July 3, 1999, upon the joint initiative of the Council of youth organizations, association of servicemen “Defense”, public organization of Afghan war veterans, Union of businesswomen, Tatarstan republican branch of the All-Russian society of the disabled, Tatarstan branch of the Russian Theatre Union and others. First President of Tatarstan Mintimer Shaimiev and Chairman of the State Council Farid Mukhametshin supported the initiative.

The mission of the movement is “Strong and sustainable Tatarstan means strong Russia”. The organization unites more than ten collective members: Tatarstan republican branch of the All-Russian society of the disabled, public organization “Tatarstan Heroes”, Tatarstan Journalist Union, Student League, and others, as well as 45 territorial branches in all Tatarstan districts and cities. It has over 110 000 members. Farid Mukhametshin has been an eternal leader of the organization since its foundation.

“Tatarstan – New Century” took active part in various election campaigns, from presidential to municipal, events to support the Tatarstan Constitution, Treaty on delimitation of jurisdictions and authorities between the state bodies of Russia and Tatarstan, other important legislative acts. Activists and members of the organization are elected members of the Russian and Tatarstan legislatures. Within the Tatarstan State Council, there is an active deputy group “Tatarstan – New Century”.
Parliamentarians-members of “Tatarstan – New Century” initiated the development of Tatarstan’s first Program on support of small and medium-sized businesses and its adoption by the Tatarstan State Council. They were persistently arguing against the construction of Atomic Power Station in Tatarstan and persuaded the majority of deputies to turn down the project. They also stood against unregulated activity of gambling establishments in Tatarstan.

When the All-Russian political party United Russia was formed the best representatives of “Tatarstan – New Century” became its members. In 2003, leader of the organization Farid Mukhametshin was elected Secretary of the Political Council of the party’s Tatarstan Regional Branch. At present “Tatarstan – New Century” acts as a strategic partner of the United Russia in all major political events, from election campaigns to joint discussion groups on most important social, economical, political cultural and moral challenges.

The organization initiated the adoption of the Earth Charter in Tatarstan. The charter contains fundamental principles of creating just, sustainable and peaceful global community in XXI. 10-year efforts by representatives of many countries and religions under the aegis of UNESCO resulted in this concise document, Treaty of Nations, expressing hopes and aspirations of the rising global civil society. In April 2001, the State Council of Tatarstan passed a resolution that made Tatarstan an experimental ground for implementation of the Earth Charter principles. “Tatarstan – New Century” coordinates the project.

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Council of Europe: Mechanisms of rapprochement. Interview with Tatarstan Parliament Speaker, Chair of Current Affairs Committee of Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of Council of Europe
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