Председатель Государственного Совета

Chairman of the State Council: authority

Under the Constitution of Tatarstan, the Chairman heads the State Council, chairs its sessions, organizes its work, represents the State Council in relations with other Tatarstan government bodies and local authorities, federal authorities, parliaments of other states, public organizations, and exercises other authorities, provided by the Tatarstan Constitution, laws and Rules of Procedure of the State Council.

The Chairman of the State Council puts up (together with the Tatarstan President) candidates for judges of the Constitution Court for their approval by the State Council; nominates a candidate for representative from the State Council to the Federation Council, proposes candidates for deputy chairmen and secretary of the State Council, at the State Council’s session swears in the person elected judge of the Constitution Court of the Republic of Tatarstan, reward with his personal Letter of appreciation, delivers state awards of the Republic of Tatarstan on behalf of the Tatarstan President, etc.
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