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Dear friends!

I’m glad to welcome you on my personal Web-site. It is the Parliament that acts as a mouthpiece of interests for various groups and strata of civil society, molding these interests into political will, and declares the people to be the sovereign. Parliamentary system is a universal phenomenon that has different features in different countries, and one of the most effective instruments of governance.

I hope here you will find information about the State Council (Parliament) of the Republic of Tatarstan and me, its Chairman.

Sincerely, Farid Mukhametshin




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Farid Mukhametshin: Forum of Russian and Belarusian regions opens up new horizons for ooperation

Farid Mukhametshin: Forum of Russian and Belarusian regions opens up new horizons for ooperation

Preserving the historical memory and historical truth about the Great Patriotic War, countering the glorification of Nazism became the key issues on the agenda of the Seventh Forum of the Regions of Belarus and Russia, which was held on 29 September at the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation. Chairman of the State Council of Tatarstan Farid Mukhametshin took part in the event.

Valentina Matvienko, Chairman of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of Russia, opened the plenary session. President of Russia Vladimir Putin and President of the Republic of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko delivered a video message to the participants of the event.

“The Seventh Forum of Russian and Belarusian regions despite being held through the videoconference still opens up new horizons for cooperation. It is important that we do not interrupt the work and continue our interaction," Farid Mukhametshin said.

According to the Tatarstan Parliament Speaker, despite a slight decrease in trade with Belarusian partners due to the pandemic, Tatarstan had “long-term ties and projects” with Belarusian regions.

Farid Mukhametshin pointed that Tatarstan's interest in Belarus is not only economic. "The Belarusian “Spadchyna"-"Heritage" has been created within the Assembly of the Peoples of Tatarstan. It works with Belarusians who live in our region. The number of Belarusian students in the republican universities is increasing. Belarusians are close to us. We have big plans. We will increase our interaction not only in producing goods, but also in national and cultural issues," the Chairman of the State Council said.

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25 feb 2016
Council of Europe: Mechanisms of rapprochement. Interview with Tatarstan Parliament Speaker, Chair of Current Affairs Committee of Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of Council of Europe
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