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Farid Mukhametshin’s message to young people: decency is important element in politics

Farid Mukhametshin’s message to young people: decency is important element in politics

Today Chairman of the State Council, secretary of the Tatarstan regional branch of the United Russia party, Farid Mukhametshin, met with the participants of the federal educational forum of “The Young Guard of United Russia” organization.

According to Farid Mukhametshin, it is an honor to hold such a forum in Kazan. The regional branch of “United Russia” in Tatarstan with 137 thousand members is the largest in the country. More than 5,5 thousand young people have joined "The Young Guard".

“In the republic great deal of attention is focused on work with youth. It is essential to create optimal conditions for the development of young people who are concerned about such issues as improvement of living conditions, housing supply. These issues require serious attention of the government,” the Chairman of the State Councilsaid.

Largely, youth is not involved in public activities. Therefore,the government should find new forms of work with young people, maybe through social networks.

The Parliamentary leaderalso spoke about the advanced branches of the economy of Tatarstan, the implementation of the republican programs and the work of the State Council. “The republic being a multi-ethnic and multi-confessional region manages to maintain friendship and mutual understanding between different peoples,” he said.

A representative of the Republic of Crimea reminded that Tatarstan wasin charge of the Bakhchisarai district. She thanked the leaders of the republic for sending the necessary equipment from Tatarstan to the Bakhchisarai district during the blackout that had happened in the Crimea a couple of years before. That helphad contributed to the work of social facilities, especially kindergartens and schools.

When asked to define the main quality of a good politician Farid Mukhametshin wrote the phrase "Decency in everything" on a special stand.

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