Assembly of Tatarstan Nations

“Nation building, preservation and augmentation of traditional interethnic understanding, achievement of mental and socio-political harmony, unity of nations are Tatarstan’s essentials”
Farid Mukhametshin

The Assembly of Tatarstan Nations was established by the Congress of Tatarstan Nations on November 3, 2007. The participants of the founding conference unanimously elected Farid Mukhametshin Chairman of the Assembly’s Council. He led the founding works: designed the Assembly’s structure, created agencies and representations in cities and districts of Tatarstan, employed its staff and formed the Executive Committee. Among the priorities set by Farid Mukhametshin are preservation of languages and cultures as well as formation of the youth wing of the Assembly.

As the Chairman of the Assembly’s Council, Farid Mukhametshin meets officials of those states and regions, whose representatives live in Tatarstan, leaders of international human rights organizations, international and Russia’s ethnic associations. He chairs the Council’s meetings both in Kazan and offsite. Chairman of the Council pays great attention to challenges of ethnic education and labor migration. He initiated 2008 Agreement on interaction between the Assembly of Tatarstan Nations, Tatarstan Ministry of labor and social security, Ministry of economic affairs, Ministry of internal affairs and Department of Federal migration service.

Farid Mukhametshin contributed to publication of the Assembly’s periodical “Our home - Tatarstan” and it soon received public and professional acknowledgement – won Tatarstan’s chief journalist competition “Chrystal pen” in nomination “Debut”.

Chairman of the Council congratulates peoples of Tatarstan on all ethnic holiday and is a dear guest at every Assembly’s events, be it the Day of Republic, Day of National Unity or ethnic cultural festivals.

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